Hailey Baldwin Wants to Share Her Faith With Her Fans

Yesterday, Justin Bieber announced that he and model Hailey Baldwin are now engaged. In recent years, Bieber has been very open about his faith. Baldwin is also an outspoken Christian who frequently references her faith on social media. The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, she explained to Teen Vogue back in 2016, that she was raised in the Church and... Continue Reading →

Study Says Marriage May Be Beneficial for Your Heart Health

A review of studies published in BMJ Journals Heart recently confirmed that marital status appears to influence the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular death. Researchers gathered data from more than 2 million participants worldwide and discovered that, compared to married people, those who were unmarried—whether never married, widowed or divorced—had a 42 percent higher chance of... Continue Reading →

Chip and Joanna Gaines Forgive Writer Who Criticized Their Parenting After He Reached Out to Apologize

The columnist who pegged Chip and Joanna Gaines as a “work-first, kids-second” couple two months ago in an op-ed recently reached out to the couple to apologize directly. In his original USA Today piece, writer Daryl Austin argued that the well-known, heavily successful HGTV couple couldn’t prioritize their children over their work, which involved running multiple businesses... Continue Reading →

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