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Meat Industry Organizations Push Back on WeWork’s Meatless Policy

Recently, the co-working company WeWork made some waves with the announcement that they would no longer serve meat (chicken, pork or beef) at company events and employees could no longer expense meals that included meat. The policy is meant to be a step toward sustainability on a corporate scale. However, in the nearly two weeks since the policy change... Continue Reading →

Why ‘The Conjuring’ Is a First-Class Faith Movie, by Tyler Daswick

The Conjuring came out five years ago, and there hasn’t been a better faith movie since. I Can Only Imagine, War Room and God’s Not Dead were cute affirmations, but they’re too simple-minded and preachy. Hacksaw Ridge, Silence and First Reformed are more nuanced, but their artsiness permits you to keep them at arm’s length, so they don’t stick. The Conjuring marks you. It’s scary, no doubt,... Continue Reading →

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